It all started when I had a major health scare. I was 25st 5lbs and hadn’t exercised in ages. Having three young children the chance to put myself right was all the motivation I needed. I started using home equipment and lost a few stone, then started to put a little back on. When I went to see Dave for the first time I was about 23st 4lbs. The PT sessions immediately had an impact, although I was still exercising regularly the sessions took me much further past my comfort level than I could ever achieve working out on my own. The important thing though was I was not put off but I wanted to come back for more. Dave provides excellent motivation, good clear instruction, prepares each session in advance, understands when you are off your game and provides intelligent advice on diet. The other aspect of the training that has amazed me is the shear range of exercise he builds into the programme. No part of the body is forgotten or left behind!

I have now lost 5St 6Lbs in total, my cardio fitness is the best it has been since I was at school, my strength and shape are improving and my flexibility is far better. I benefit from all of these improvements every day. I aim to get to sub 17st and know if I continue to work with Dave I have a great chance of making it, staying there and enjoying the experience of training along the journey.





Most days if I didn’t have an PT appointment with Dave, I probably wouldn’t come to the gym, but I always do, and I always leave the gym feeling like ten men.




I’ve always been resolutely anti-exercise – I’d far rather sit in a chair with a cup of coffee, a bar of chocolate and a good book.  However, this attitude has resulted in a serious case of “unfit and overweight”, so I screwed up my courage in both hands and joined the gym, feeling very self conscious.

I decided the only way I was going to persevere was to have a personal trainer, to keep me motivated, and was fortunate enough to be paired up with David Calver.  He has been unfailingly positive, even when I wasn’t, cheerful and professional.  He has been understanding of my likes and dislikes, and has always encouraged me to try that little bit harder.  In the time I have been training with him I have lost 3 stone, and (don’t tell anyone) I have actually started to enjoy exercise.

I highly recommend David as a personal trainer.  If he can get me running, he can truly work wonders for you!!




Dave has been my personal trainer for over a year. My personal fitness goals are to push myself to the next level of fitness and to have a toned body. I have achieved this because Dave takes into account my training goals and delivers challenging and stimulating programmes, which motivate me to come to the gym.

Dave supported me through the Body for Life training programme by giving me specific exercises that related directly to the training schedule that I had to stick to. I feel my success in the programme was heightened because I had direct input from Dave to keep me on track and vary the exercises and ensure I was working at the correct intensity.

I thoroughly enjoy training with Dave and feel completely satisfied (yet tired) when finishing my workouts with him and I believe that I would not have the level of fitness I do now, if I did not train with him.





Dave has recently become my personal trainer because I have decided to take part in the Body for Life training programme for the second time. Whilst I feel that I made progress and lost weight when I first took part in the programme, I felt I would benefit more from having direct guidance from a personal trainer, who could ensure that I was using the correct technique and weights. The progress I have seen since working with Dave has been very significant and my confidence and general health has definitely improved.


Dave listened to what I wanted to achieve and delivered a programme to suit my needs and my level of fitness. I feel I am now fitter than I was 6 weeks ago and have gained a real sense of enjoyment from going to the gym.