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10 Reasons to Have a Personal Trainer

(October 26, 2010)
  1. A personal trainer will get you to your health or fitness goal in the quickest possible time.
  2. A good personal trainer will make sure that you progress your exercises at the right time for you as an individual.
  3. A personal trainer's knowledge means that they can regress or progress any exercise so that it is achievable no matter what your level of fitness.
  4. With a personal trainer watching your exercise movement, potential injuries will be avoided.
  5. A personal trainer will make each session fun and enjoyable, helping the time to fly by.
  6. Many people perform perfectly effective exercises incorrectly, thus denying themselves the true benefits of the movement. A personal trainer will esure that you always get the required effect from each exercise.
  7. A personal trainer will utilise the very latest techniques and equipment from the fitness industry to help you reach your goal.
  8. With nutritional advice a personal trainer will ensure that you are properly prepared for each training session, while still losing (or gaining) weight, depending on your goal.
  9. Health, Injury prevention, performance, improved quality of life, rehabilitation, better self esteem....
  10. You get to tell your friends that you have a personal trainer. How cool is that??

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